Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do all laptops go to heaven?

Well, there went my laptop. My first laptop, purchased eighteen months ago with my very own hard earned money, went down the tubes at an undetermined time on Sunday. Funny, because it worked fine that morning as I sipped my coffee and read the newspaper online. Jeff and Harper had yet to wake from their slumber. I remember it well--it is a rare and precious joy to have any time to myself these days! Anyhoo, Jeff informed me of my computer's tragic, yet unexplained, death later that evening. It simply would not turn on. Hmmphh! I bet you a pint of ice cream that the boring articles on the Waco Trib caused my computer to pull it's own plug...

In any case, I have resorted to reconnecting with the world wide web via Jeff's old iMac. Luckily, I upgraded the memory and operating system just weeks before I bought the now deceased laptop. Now I only need to add an office suite and the trusty Mac should help get me over this rough patch! $35 for Microsoft Office via my SWT hook-up is a much better investment than the $450 charge to "fix" my laptop. Thanks, but no thanks! And thank goodness we didn't get rid of this computer or you'd soon find me hunting and pecking over my iPhone, squinty eyes and all! The iPhone makes for a handy supplementary Internet access point, but it is definitely not intended to replace your main computer. Unless maybe you have hands the size of Harper's and incredibly deft management of your digits!

That's all I've got for now as we're off to the pool. I see a frozen margarita with salt in my very near future! Later, tater tots!
BLOG REVISION: Yeah, it looks like the iMac isn't gonna help me do much other than surf the 'net. I'll just have to convince Jeff to bring his laptop home from work every night until we can afford a replacement. I'm going to need y'all to refer mucho insurance business his way, or be prepared for even less frequent blogging from this girl! Too bad I only ordered an ice water from the pool....that margarita is sounding much better right about now! :/

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