Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harper ate them

Harper and I have been spending gobs and gobs of time out at the pool lately. Whether we're splish-splashin' around the big pool or the baby pool, there is always fun to be had. Most days we meet friends out there, and on other days Harper and I swim alone. Occasionally, Jeff will leave work at 5pm to play with us if he isn't too busy slanging insurance. (Gratuitous plug for Pinnacle Insurance Group--call Jeff if you need any personal or commercial insurance coverage! And now a word from our sponsors...) A pool just does something magical for a fussy kid. Throw in a handful of Goldfish crackers, and you've got your very own infant-mood-fixer-upper!

Enjoy a few pool pics from last week, and then erase all mental images of me in a bathing suit. The girls just ain't what they used to be, if ya know what I mean. I recently expressed displeasure regarding the post-breastfeeding rendition of my rack to Jeff, and he just didn't get it. (Which is actually a nice thing, I suppose.) I continued to complain about the disappearance of my boobs only to receive flattering comment after flattering comment from Jeff. He finally gave in to my complaints and asked "well, what happened to them?"

To which I replied, "Harper ate them."

As soon as the words fell out of my mouth, we immediately choked with laughter. Welcome to the latest running joke at the Peelton... (Another joke--comparing our house to the Hilton. Not with that kitchen, wood paneling and pink brick. Don't get me started!)

Ok, I'm done. Now you can enjoy the pics. Focus on the babies, folks!

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  1. these pictures are classic! the very last one reminds me of some greeting cards i've seen! I love it!