Monday, May 4, 2009

Wrigley is famous! Well, sort of.

Let's face it. The Waco Trib is somewhat lacking, so I still read the Austin-American Statesman online whenever I can. While browsing yesterday I noticed a link for the Statesman's Dachshund Dog Show, and of course, I felt compelled to submit pictures of the greatest weenie dog I know! I checked back a few minutes ago to see if my pictures were approved. As if my little Piggie wouldn't make the cut!

Wrigley's pint-sized pal, Harper, co-starred in three of the photos. My two girls, Wrigley Louise and Harper Elle--I'm so proud!

Visit the slideshow and check out pics #106-110. I assume the picture numbers will change as more photos are added...but they are there for now, so click fast and enjoy!

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  1. that photo of wrig as a puppy is just adorable!!!