Monday, October 20, 2008

Advertising 101

I finally am able to clean the house while occupying/watching Harper, and this could not make me any happier. She can now be "worn" in her Baby Bjorn carrier, which is flippin' awesome. I slipped Harper into the Bjorn and broke out one of my favorite household tools...the amazing machine that is a Dyson. Halfway thru the first bedroom, ol' Harper was fast asleep.

Channeling my advertising degree from SWT, I whipped up a new slogan for Dyson.
"DYSON: Vacuums like a mo-fo, and puts baby to sleep in a jiffy!"

What more could you possibly need to justify spending $500 on a vacuum cleaner? (And yeah, you can tell that I don't use that degree to make a living! If only...)

Harper was pooped after all that hard work...


  1. You are a riot! I think you should submitt that slogan to Dyson and see what they think! :-) You can tell Harper when she gets old enough to do chores that she loved vacuuming when she was 6 weeks old so she should love it at 16!
    Miss you!

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  3. you know, i don't think enough slogans contain the word "mo-fo".