Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jalapeno milk - it does a body good!

Fiiiiiinally! Harper is napping in her portable swing, and I am confident she will remain as such for at least the next 90 seconds. Let's see how flippin' fast I can type! ;) As my attempt to blog this morning was thwarted by said six-week old, I am back and better than ever. Got my hair "did" this morning...have to make sure people are at least halfway convinced that Harper gets her blonde hair from moi! (I obviously help mine out these days with hi-lights, but duh, I'm a blonde and I can prove it. No, not that way, sickos! All I have to do is tell you my Wrigley & Starbucks story, and you will never doubt that I am a true blonde! Jeff-shhhhh!)

Jeff and I ate lunch at Britt's Burger Barn today. Mmmm, mmm good. Hands down the best burger in Waco. It is actually in the top three burgers of all time along with the mushroom swiss from Tap Room (long live San Marcos!) and the double cheeseburger from the Billy Goat Tavern on Michigan Ave in Chi-town. Man, I'm salivating at the mere thought of this trifecta! Harper tagged along for the ride. Don't you worry,'ll taste it later in your jalapeno milk! ;) Jap cheese, jap bread and even more japs to boot. What more could a girl want!? Aside from clear skin, a calorie-eliminator, fat-destructor, a ever-reloading bank account, shopping sprees to Nieman Marcus, pedicures, fabulous friends...ok, I digress for the second time today!

The original intent of my 4:30 am blog was to catch everyone up on our activities from the last week. First of all, Harper, Jeff and I voted last Tuesday. It was crazy... Harper used Jeff's voter registration card, and the sweet old bags running the polls just waved her on in. I'm pretty sure she voted for McCain primarily because he looks most like a grandpa, and we all know how much Harper likes grandpas! There may have also been a dirty rumor spread through the nursery about Obama not liking babies...a rumor I may or may not have started...but you just try and prove it! ;)

Harper also opened a savings account last week, too! Her Pee-Paw (Jeff's grandpa on his dad's side) sent her $100 to get her started, which was awfully nice of him. Lucky for me, I also have access to this account with a balance of $100...which just so happens to be the going rate on the milk tax these days! ;) Don't forget the diaper tax either. Poor kid can't afford to pay both, so we're granting her a temporary deferment on that one. Michael Jackson started providing for his family at her age (maybe I exaggerate a tad...), so she better get to work asap! Perfect that smile and get to flashing it, cuz mama wants a new pair of shoes, little Harper Peel!

Here are pics from the last couple of weeks...

I hear her rumbling behind me in her swing, so I'm afraid this party is coming to an end. 'Til next time!

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