Friday, October 3, 2008


Blogging was on my list of things to-do yesterday, but it must not have made it onto Harper's list. If she had such a list, I imagine it would look a little something like this:
Harper's "Get it done" List
1. Sleep (16-20 hours)
2. Milk time! (repeat every 3-4 hours)
3. Give someone a reason to change my diaper (10x avg)
4. Make super sweet and super crazy faces
5. Gaze at myself in the mirror
6. Practice my neck strengthening routine during tummy time
7. Spit up a little extra milk on someones shoulder (preferably Mom's)
8. Ask Dad for money to put in my piggy bank
9. Take a walk with Wrigley around the neighborhood (must arrange for a driver)
10. Read books and/or study my black & white patterned cards

Surprisingly, blogging did not make the list. I quickly learned my own list takes a backseat to Harper's agenda. I like lists and plans and structure, but those things are not important to a newborn baby. Good thing I like Harper most of all!

Anyhoo! If I had been allowed to get on the computer yesterday, I would have shared what a big day it had been for Harper. Not only did she sleep in her own room, but she also woke up without an umbilical cord. She slept in her room again last night, and thankfully nothing else fell off of her! Now that we have direct sight of her scrumptious little belly button, Harper can finally have a real bath. Jeff is particularly excited about this milestone as he will be her official bather. Mom = feeder, Dad = bather. This is what we are currently reduced to in her eyes, but neither of us minds.

Well, Harper is telling me that blog time is over and we are moving on to milk time. Always with her list, that girl! ;) I'll report back with pics later tonight of her first bath - censored, of course!

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