Monday, October 6, 2008

getting our hands wet...

Harper had her first real bath on Saturday night, and fun was had by all. Jeff took a time out from the Longhorn football game to assist with this adventure thanks to the magic of DVR and UT's generous lead. You won't see Wrigley nearby...she tends to scram when the word "bath" is thrown around, and we already know how she feels about that whale!

We were pretty excited to get our hands wet with her first bath. There is no lack of "firsts" that parents can recognize of their babies, but I like to think beyond the first bath, first tooth, or first steps. Harper has a few other firsts that she would like to share:

1. First financial bail out: last Tuesday, raided dad's valet tray for $$ to stuff in her piggy bank.
2. First tailgate on a house boat: Saturday morning, prior to the Baylor game
3. First person to pee on: Mom (I'll be remembering this one is particular...)
4. First tattoo: Ha, yeah right! :)

I have been searching for a baby memory book, but most seem too cheesy or babyish to me. I still haven't found the perfect one, though I did a couple great supplementary books on The Inappropriate Baby Book and Baby's First Tattoo: A Memory Book for Modern Parents - I am new fan of both. While not for everyone, I think a few of my preggo friends might be able to appreciate the humored twist!

Fear not, I will report Harper's traditional accomplishments as well as the less traditional yet just as memorable events. She continues to amaze us in little and big ways every day, so we should not ever have a shortage of material!


  1. jennifer, i love your newsy posts and adorable pictures. it's just what i need in the middle of a Monday afternoon. see you tomorrow!

  2. I concur with Jill! Love that little whale bath tub....poor Wrig! Are you sure you haven't pumped some collagen into Miss H's lips? They are sooo full and cute! Can't wait to see you for lunch!


    I was browsing some baby clothes on Etsy...lots of cute ones.

    anyways, i couldn't help but think about how great it would be if we adults could just wear onesies. then i remembered those one pieces i've seen some older men wearing. it would be funny if they called those onesies, too.

  4. dad wears onesies.

    Is that weird??