Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wrig Pig

So, you've all seen Wrigley's Halloween costume -- the pig! We had a slight problem with sizing, which has finally been resolved. Just like me, it turns out that Wrigley is not the same size on top as she is on the bottom. Well, in her case, front and back! She apparently needed a small pig body suit with an extra small pig head. Who would have thought?

Wrigley happened to trot into the kitchen this morning just as I was matching up the appropriate pig head and body, so we went ahead and did a test run. Laughter ensued! Of course, she let me play dress up, but not without giving me a certain look the entire time. It was a look that said, "I'm only putting up with this because my love for you is greater than this costume is ridiculous."

I should have taken some video of Wrigley walking in said costume. The pig legs strap onto her own legs, which requires her to walk with a wider stance than normal. Ahhhh, I can't wait until Halloween! By the way, we picked up Harper's costume yesterday, too, but we're saving the big reveal until Halloween. (And in case anyone doesn't know, Halloween is my FAV holiday, which should explain any questions you may have at this point!)

Just for kicks, here is another picture of Wrigley later on this morning. She got a little tuckered out after our walk extended beyond its usual route.

Pictures of Harper will follow shortly. She didn't leave me much room to breath today, or I would have posted them already. I did manage to vacuum the house today after 1.5 weeks - thank goodness!

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