Thursday, October 30, 2008

stealth blogging...

I've heard of midnight stealth bombing, but 4:30 am stealth blogging, c'mon!? Alas, this is what my life has been reduced to. The two people that I am entrusted with keeping alive on a day to day basis are asleep...finally! Well, that is actually a lie. Harper was supposed to return to slumber land after her milk snack, but she disdained...and is now laying across my lap, safely wedged between my stomach and the desk drawer....hoping and praying she gets bored and falls asleep....or at the very least catches up on my filings while she is down there! (This just in: Jeff heard her sporadic protests and woke up asking if I needed help. "Why sure!" So, my naked husband swooped in to try his hand at helping Harper fall asleep...I laughed because I thought of the Naked Chef when he walked in the room - except Jeff only knows how to make babies!) Ok, I digress.

Sneaking around sexy and dangerous! Well, relatively speaking, given my current existence in life. I've tried desperately to stay caught up with this thing since last week, but the powers that be have not been working in my favor. Harper's sleep schedule got out of whack a week or so ago, which in turn has blurred the lines between day and night for both of us. I normally take advantage of her sleep periods to take care of adult stuff (cleaning, bill paying, shopping, dancing around the house like a crazy person...), but I've been so tired this past week that I have taken to co-napping. Ugh, yesterday, I thought we were headed back in the right direction, but the fact that she is resisting arrest, I mean, a-sleep, at this very moment has me rethinking things!

Another thing standing in the way of my attempt to blog is our current computer situation. Not long ago, we were a household of four working, useful computers. Now, we are a household of one superior laptop, a busted desktop PC, a nice Mac without a wireless card (rendering it useless in the current setup), and two janky laptops turned over-sized coasters. (Yes, Jeff, I said "janky." Ha!) Basically, Jeff and I wrestle for command of the one good laptop. I can usually steal it away unless, of course, he is busying updating fantasy football rosters, fantasy basketball, fantasy badminton, fantasy curling....ok, maybe not those last two, but give him time, people! And then there is the almighty Drudge Report. If I see those two deadly words atop the computer screen, I have learned to just walk on by!

Ok, I was going to blog for real, but I can tell Harper needs a little attention from Mom to help settle her down. Maybe tomorrow...maybe even pics! One can only hope!

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  1. Once the authorities get hold of this one, you could face some serious blog-and-run charges. If you need to hide out, you can always come by mi casa....