Friday, July 31, 2009

Loaner baby

Kristi, Alyssa, Breyer and I met at good ol' Southwest Texas State University in good ol' San Marky. It was the late '90s, and times were different. We were single, childless, and the beer fridge overfloweth. I still have a beer fridge, thanks to my dear husband, but most everything else has changed.

We're all married. Kristi and I have a child each, and Breyer has two. (Show off!) Alyssa had to use a loaner baby. In other words, whichever of Breyer's twins that was the poopiest. Not even one beer was consumed while we all hung out last Saturday. (The one you'll notice is the last pic belonged to that dear husband of mine. He was either littering or trying to make us look bad.)

The good news is that we can still pick up where we left off, and have a grand ol' time. Man, I love these girls! And their babes, too!

What a great smile from Kase...

...and another great smile from Kyle, even with a foot in his mouth!

Alyssa and Cy. She wanted any and every baby she could get her hands on. Don't they loan them out at the SMPL? ;)

Aunt Alyss tells the boys stories about their mommies in college. Lies, all lies!

Tickle fight!

Kristi is one hot mama!

I've got Harper and Cy balancing on my foot while Alyssa and Breyer man the twins. Babies, babies everywhere!

Kristi showin' off her sweet moves!

The other babies were off fending for themselves in the hot tub. Hey, we're Bobcats....ya gotta live a little! ;)

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