Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Smells like syrup, tastes like independence

Tomorrow, we'll be the proud parents of a ten-month old. I'm not entirely sure how we got here, because, really, I can't remember half of it. Regardless, we've made it this far, and I think we're gonna keep her. Unless she sprouts any new teeth--I'm not "wo-mom" enough to handle the idiosyncrasies of teething babies. Four teeth are plenty, thank you very much!

Harper is movin' and groovin' all over the place. While she isn't walking yet, I still end up chasing her around like a chicken with its head cut off. Picture me as the chicken. She's been cruising for awhile now, but I think a few sessions of strength and stability training are in her future before she can become a true, solo biped. She went to town climbing the stairs at Aunt Tiffany's house this past weekend. I was worn out from climbing up and down, up and down, upppppp and doooooown them myself while I acted as her safety net. Makes me glad we have a one-story!

Life is getting messier as she grows older, too. I know I need to let Harper self-feed more regularly, so that has become our objective of the week. Last week, we went cold turkey on the bottle. (Harper, not me!) I was nervous, but the switch to a sippy cup went off without a hitch! Unfortunately, the time I'm saving on cleaning bottles has been redirected to cleaning Harper after she feeds herself breakfast. Eggo mini pancakes were on the Peel morning menu today, and I must say, I am new fan! A dab of sugar-free syrup and a fresh raspberry on top....now you're talking! And you just can't beat the sweet, sweet smell of syrup breath on the kiddo!

The slow transition from baby to little girl has begun, I'm afraid. Excited, too. I thought I would be sad, but more than anything I'm excited. This little girl has become my best friend, and I am giddy with anticipation for all the adventures that lay ahead of us! How old do you have to be to skydive? ;)

What started out at this...

"Mikey likes it!"

...became this. Trust me, things got messier!

Leggo my Eggo!

Inhaling her fourth pancake...

Thanks for making breakfast, Dad!

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