Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bose over bows

I'm just not that into bows, although I think they look precious on every little girl adorned with them. Cute on someone else, but not for me. Poor Harper is guilty by association. I have tried on occasion to decorate her cotton head with a ribbon or two, but it doesn't last long. She doesn't even get the chance to pull them out before I do. Like I said, it's just not my thing.

Now, one thing I do like is electronics. Like mother, like daughter!

Yesterday, I gave HP my old laptop (not an HP) to mash on. I'm hoping that move does not end up working against me in the end.

She must enjoy seeing her reflection in the screen. Lord knows nothing else is gonna show up on that screen!

At this rate, she'll be asking for a cell phone for her first birthday.

This photo is evidence of my crappy point-and-shoot. Did I mention my iPhone is broken now, too? Thank goodness it's the one thing with a protection plan!

I want to take a picture, but she wants to figure out how sound is emitted from the speaker.

Bow is gone, but she has made her way back to the laptop. Should I be worried that she climbs onto the couch by herself? Nah.... 60% of the time, her dismount works every time. ;)

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