Monday, August 31, 2009

An apple a day keeps the octopuses away.

One of the joys in spending so much time with Harper is discovering her likes and dislikes. This past week, for instance, I learned that octopuses apparently offend Harper. She throws a fit for the length of time it takes a particular octopus to wiggle across the screen in one of her Baby Einstein videos. Fortunately, Harper quickly returns to her happy self as soon as Octo-monster exits stage left. I finally had to remove that DVD from my car, because she kept startling me with her random octopus-induced screams!

What is so scary about this guy?

Some random octopus humor for your Monday afternoon. Enjoy!
I feel like this octopus on most days!

And something Harper apparently L-O-V-E-S....apples! I've always known she has a special spot in her tummy for applesauce, but I've never given her an apple in its solid state. Well, she finally took care of that little problem this past weekend when she straight up stole an apple right out of my very own hands! It was a "jazz" apple--my second favorite type of apple behind honeycrisp. (I am an admitted apple snob. Life is too short to bother with inferior apples!) I had a couple measly bites before my snack was so rudely interrupted, but I got over it when I saw how much she loved it herself! What's not to love? Tastes great and it must feel good on the gums, too!

Oh, and did I mention that she kicked me in the leg when I "borrowed" the apple back to take another bite? She likes to share, but only when it is her idea!


  1. I love honeycrisp too. They are so much better than every other apple out there!