Thursday, August 27, 2009

A friend like you...

Harper is blessed with a number of really great friends. Aside from her parents, she has one of man's very best friends, er, pigs. She has a wonderful bunch of friends from play group. She even had friends betrothed to her from the womb as so many of my friends seemed to have been pregnant at the same time. (You know what they say about great minds...) I feel very fortunate that Harper already has such sweet friends, and I'm sure she would second that notion if only we could understand her babble! ;)

Anyhoo, Harper wanted to show everyone pics from her wonderful Wednesday! First, she woke up to Wrigley decked out in her pig costume, which caused quite the riot in Harper's world. She laughed and laughed at such a silly sight! Then Harper got to play with friends pretty much all day long!

Piggy patiently waiting for Harper to wake up yesterday morning.

Jeff impatiently roused Harper from her bed because he was uber excited to see her reaction to Wrig the Pig.

The sleepyhead thought Piggy's get up was hilarious!

We played at Blair's house for play group yesterday. It was so nice to have everyone there now that summer vacations are coming to a close! Do you think the kiddos like Deanna or what? :)

Later that afternoon, Harper and I headed to Deanna's house for a meeting. It was there that we discovered her love of purses!

Glamour girl! ;)

This was also when I noticed her first interest in pushing a stroller. Too cute!

We know that girl loves dogs! Piper was kind enough to introduce Cambell and Harper to her Labradoodles!

I'll leave out the part about Harper and I meeting Jeff at the bar again for dinner after we left Deanna's house. All in a day's work! ;)

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  1. The "pig" is even more amazing than you described! I am sorry to let you down in the picture department from our Mayborn trip... My "street"camera only turned out one good pic of the many I took, and it was before Harper arrived... sad!