Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make it a Mayborn day!

Harper and I were lucky enough to visit the Mayborn Museum with friends not once, but twice, this week! On Monday, Kim and the twins (Kiersten and Christopher) came in town to play. The three kiddos climbed on firetrucks and school buses, shopped at the "grocery store," drove around "town" in their cars, mowed the lawn, vacuumed the floor (my personal fav!), played the tambourine, met a turtle and a guinea pig, blew life-sized bubbles, and made music (or noise depending on how nice we want to be!) on the Thor-sized piano. F-U-N, I tell ya!

We met some more of Harper's friends there the next day, but this girl was completely camera-less. Maybe sweet Storey has pics to share on her blog! ;) Oh, and the pics below come courtesy of my iPhone camera, so bear with me on the blurs and such. That camera is no match for any quick-moving toddler!

Harper and Kiersten watch the model trains go by.

Harper is ready to mow the lawn. Or linoleum, whichever!

Christopher, are those men's pointy slippers you're wearing?

Kiersten takes HP for a spin on the fire truck!

HP hunts for ladybugs. She found the upper ladybug, but not the low-lying one.

Thank goodness for having just one Harper! :)

Sitting idle on the Little Tyke tricycle. She only wanted to sit on it. Oh well!

These two were tapping out some tunes with their toes.

Post-Day 2 of the Mayborn: sleepy time! Hello, Baby Shiloh lips!

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