Thursday, August 27, 2009

There ain't no doubt I love this Land of Nod.

Have you met Crate & Barrel's overachieving son, aka the Land of Nod? I love, love, love that web site! It's kinda like Pottery Barn Kids with a sense of humor and a splash of attitude. For example, they post a wooden shelf for sale. Instead of labeling it "medium wooden shelf," they call it "Shelf Silverstein." Get it? Get it? A canvas bin is listed as "I think I Can-vas Bin." Looking for an easel? Consider the "Easel Does It" for your art center. In the mood for a rubber ducky ten-times the size of an average ducky? Well, you're in luck, because I just spied the "Monster Duck Show!" One of my favorites is the Bin There, Done That Book Bin in white. Are you getting the idea? If only they weren't based out of Chicago, because I totally want to work for their corporate office! Basically, this site boasts loads of appeal for all of my fellow nerds out there!

Assuming I had the spare time, I could window shop (screen shop? browser shop?) there every day! I should be embarrassed, really...I even made a wish list of what I would buy in a world with unlimited funds! (Ha!) I think we may get a mini armchair for HP's upcoming birthday. Shhhh, don't tell! ;)

Happy shopping! Oh, and fifty cents and a pat on the back goes to the first person that identifies the inspiration for this post title. (Residents of 809 Falcon are ineligible for this contest. Sorry!)

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