Friday, August 21, 2009

If the shoe fits, eat it.

Wait, wait, wait. That isn't how the saying goes? There was a stretch of time when we constantly had to remind Harper that flip-flops are not edible, or at least they shouldn't be! Nowadays, we don't have to worry as much about keeping shoes out of her mouth as we do with keeping shoes on her feet. As many of you commented over the months, it's no secret that I let Harps go barefoot for a long, long time. Then our little tornado started walking at ten months, and I figured it was due time to slap some leather on the soles of those feet!

I bought a pair of Stride Rites from Dillard's, but those quickly proved inferior. I'm sure they are good shoes, but the thick soles were no match for a new walker. We were desperate for the right kicks. I really wanted to buy Pedipeds, but I'm weird about ordering baby stuff online without having seen the sizing in person. Sizing can vary from brand to brand almost as bad as women's clothing! Anyhoo, we scoured the town to find Pedipeds, but the best we could manage was a pair of Robeez mocs. I think they are hideous, and I did not want to buy pink shoes, but that is all we could find in Waco that day. Ugly, but I admit they work great. And we tried on a friend's pair of Pedipeds yesterday, so now we know what size of a more attractive shoe to order online!

Oh, and we couldn't get away without a pair of flips for HP, too. They are the official footwear of the FalconPeel household, after all! They don't quite stay on her feet, but they worked long enough to get my camera out. :)

Flip-floppin' through the house...

...headed to the laundry room because there resides the lone step in our house.

I am now buying size 12-18 mo in clothes and size 4 shoes. Seriously?

She interrupted her book to play a quick game of "Where's Harper?" It's just like peek-a-boo, but she does all the work. :)

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